What exercise will help increase penis size?

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What exercise will help increase penis size?

Zhengongfu Sex Capsule

What kind of exercise will help the users increase penis size while taking Zhengongfu Sex Capsule?

The main function of Zhengongfu Capsule 3500mg is to help the users to get rockhard erection but as the feedback shows, there are also more than 50% of the users can get a larger penis. Here are some penis exercises recommended by the users.

1.Smooth Massage on the roots of thigh

As we all know that, in traditional Chinese medicine, the massage acupoints is very important for the whole body health. It is easy to process, but difficult to stick to in a long time. The users can put their hands on both sides of the root of the thigh before going to bed. Massage it 36 times along the oblique direction of the palm. Massage it once a week which has a certain effect on enhancing sexual desire and energy. It will be effective to regulate the blood flow on the penis. Zhengongfu Sex Capsule can last as long as 72 hours. So the users do not need to take it everyday. So the users can do the massage in 1 hour after taking the capsule.

2.Smooth Massage on lower parts of the abdomen

The users can put one hand on the upper abdomen of pubic bone under the umbilical cord before going to bed, and put the other hand on the waist, and then press the waist, while rubbing the hand slowly from right to left in the lower abdomen. Massage can stop while you feel the abdome warmth. Some of the ingredients in Zhengongfu Capsule 3500mg such as Ginseng has a good function on improving the kidney function. Smooth Massage on the lower parts of the abdomen can help the ingredients works better.

3.The testicles should be rubbed

First rub your hands to make it warm, then hold the two testicle with your right hand so that the right one is in the palm of your hand and the left testicle is on the ribbed flour of thumb. Rub them gently. Turn right 30-50 times, then turn left 30-50 times till you feel a slight sense of soreness and painless.This method is also known as “extracapsular kidney” method.

4. Penile reaction should be strengthened

When erection occurs in the morning, you can gently press the penis down with your finger on 1/3 from the front of the penis before going to the bathroom to urinate, so that the penis will approach the upright state, then stick the fingertips on the penis, feel its reaction, while closing the anus, while pushing the penis upward. Repeat this action for about 1 minute. Zhengongfu Capsule 3500mg will be useful for the users to get erection everyday.

Zhengongfu Sex Capsule

In fact, for men’s penis, sexual intercourse is the best way to exercise, at least to have sexual activity once w week. If the users can not have sexual intercourse, men can also masturbate instead. Recent surveys show that 1/3 of men in the United States masturbate every week.It’s good for training men’s ability to control their penis. So it is also neccesary to take Zhengongfu Capsule 3500mg even you do not have a sex partner. The kep point is to make your sexual health.

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