What is the delivery time for Zhengongfu Male Enhancement Capsules?

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What is the delivery time for Zhengongfu Male Enhancement Capsules?

The delivery time for the Zhengongfu Male Enhancement capsules is the most common asked questions by the buyers in the E-commerce store. Especially on the Christmas season. It usually takes 10 days, but in the Chirstmas season it will take as long as 20 days or more. In this artilce, we will explain in detail the exact delivery time and our service.

Zhengongfu Male Enhancement Capsules is originated from China, and we get the stock directly from the GMP certificated factory. So we can only ship the products from China. That is the main reason why it takes longer time than the local store. Another reason is that we did not prepare large stock in order to make all the customers can get the latest product. You can keep the capsules for 2 years. It usually takes 2 days to send from the factory to the shipping agent’s address.

What the reason for the delivery delay?

And that is why we can only provide the tracking number in around 24 hours after your order being confirmed. What is more, we have nearly 20 hours difference on time . You place an order in your daytime, but it is not our working time. We can only send you a reply when we wake up and let you know that the order is being processed and pls wait patiently.

Another reason for the delivery delay is that we got 30% of more orders in Chirstmas season than before. We got more workders however, they are not so efficiency as the other workers. We take longer packing time. Some of the orders will be delayed for 24-48 hours according to the items you ordered. All the cases will be sent to the airport on the same day and also at the same time you can get the tracking number.
Bad weather is also another reason for the delay of the packages. All the orders will be sent by air. And the airline will be stopped by big rain or snow.

Why can not we use Fedex or DHL?

Because they do not allow any Male Enhancement Capsule. Zhengongfu Male Enhancement capsules has not got the approval of FDA. So it is not possible to send through these two shipping company. We can only use EMS. We also get the gurantee that if you can not get the package after paying the order, we will send the order again for free. So the shipping delay is possible. But we can sure about the safety of your order and your money.

There are only two airlines we usually use, the first one is to California another one is to Newyork. When all the packages arrive, it should pass the custom first. If the custom workers can release the package faster, you can get the package earlier.After the package get out of the custom, the local USPS service center would deliver thoes packages to different states and then to your door. It usually takes another 3-5 days.

Zhengongfu Male Enhancement capsules
Zhengongfu Male Enhancement capsules

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