Zhengongfu Male Enhacement Capsule FAQ:

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Zhengongfu Male Enhacement Capsule FAQ:

1. What is the suitable group of the product?

Zhengongfu Male Enhacement Capsule has a large group of suitable users. Because it is all herbal, so thoes who has heart disease or high blood pressure can take it. Thoes who has early ejaculation or thoes who can not get hard erection after being stimulated, or thoes who are not satisfied with the penis size. Those men who have taken many other kinds of sex medicine and failed to get improvement on sexual ability can also try this product.

2. What is the main function for the Zhengongfu Male Enhacement Capsule?

First of all, the capsule can increase the penis size both in width and length if the users can keep taking the capsule for more than 1 month. Secondly, The capsule can help the users to get stronger sex desire. The capsule would be effective in around 15-30 minutes after taking. The users can get rockhard erection in a short time. Thirdly, the Zhengongfu Sex Capsule would help the users to prolong sex time for more than 30 minutes. As the feedback shows, the couples are satisfied with the effect and get more than 1 climax.

3. What is the dosage and usage?

There are two kinds of taking method. The first one is for daily care, the users can take one in the morning with empty stomach. The users can improve the sexual ability and also increase the penis size day by day. The second taking method is to take it in 15-20 minutes before sex intercourse. There is no need to take the capsule everyday. one of the capsule effect can last as long as 72 hours. The Zhengongfu Capsule can work as stimulator to help the users get better sex ability. In the case of the side effects and other health problems, please consult your doctor before you try this product.

4. What is the delivery date of the product?

Basically, all the orders will be processed within 24 hours. Holidays will be as exception. After we send out the order, we would provide the tracking number ad then you can check the status online. All the orders will be received in 7-12 days. However, the exact delivery date depends on the efficiency of the custom clearance. All the orders will be delivered to your door. Please check with the local post office if you have not got it in 20 days.

5. What shall we do if we find Zhengongfu Male Enhacement Capsule dose not work?

We have been selling this capsule for more than 10 years, and we have got thousands of feedback from our clients. We only got very few complaints about this product. When it happens, our after-sale service will also make you satisfied. First of all, make sure you have taken the capsule under the instruction. And secondly, if it really dose not work for you, you can contact with us to get refund or we will introduce other items for you to try.

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Zhengongfu Male Enhancement Capsules

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