Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long dose the order take to work?

A: Generally,all the orders will be sent on the second day after your payment has been confirmed. And it will be delivered in around 12-15 days. The delivery time will be highly depended on the efficiency of the custom clearance.

Q: Dose Zhengongfu Red Box really work?

A: As the feedback we have got these days. The product is 100% effective for thoes who has erection problems. Take the capsule in 20 minutes before sex intercourse, and then you can see the amazing effect. Moreover, The best results have been shown in men that have used the capsules for about 3 months on a regular and consistent basis.

Q: Is there any side effects?

A: This is the most common question that we have got. The Capsule is made of all herbal and natural plants. So it will not bring any side effects. Some of the users has got some side effects such as stomach pain or headache. All because of the wrong taking method. Please follow the instructions. It will keep you away from the side effects.

Q: What is we get a fake product from this website?

A: It is 100% guranteed that the product we supply is original. If the users get a fake product here. You can get a three times of refund.

Q: Is it safe to buy Zhengongfu Red Box from this website?

A: We will keep all your perconal information you note on our website as a secret including your name, address and email address. We will not use it anywhere other than the shipping bill. All the products will be sent as samples or dietary supplement. So the others would not know the exact products inside.

Q: How many capsules can i get for 1 box?

A: Zhengongfu sex Capsule is 2 capsules in a small box and 2 small boxes in a big case. We sell the product by case. So you can get 4 capsules if you buy 1 case.

Q: Can i buy these capsules in my local store?

A: I am sorry, We do not have any retailer stores all around the world. Please buy Zhengongfu sex capsule directly on our website and we can send the orders directly to your door.