African Black Ant Pills 2 packs



Has been selling in the market for nearly 20 years, African Black Ant Pills is a herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction. African Black Ant will be suitable for thoes who want to have longer and long-lasting erection. Different from other formular, the pills can aslo help the users to increase the sex sperm. The penis would become bigger and firmer after taking it. The effects of Africa Black Ant may last in your system up to 180 hours.
•Polyrhachis vicina roger (Black Ant)
•Ginseng (root)
•Formica Sanguinea
•Trace Minerals
•Proprietary Blend of Essential Amino Acids.

1. The users Can not get erection when you need it.
2. Thoes who can not stay hard erection for longer enough also named premature ejaculation
3. Men who are not satisifed with the penis size.
4. lack of sperm or other symptoms caused by deficiency of the kidney.

For better effects, take 1 pill 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

For daily health preservation, take 1 pill every 3 day
African Black Ant Male Enhancement Sex Pills
6 PILLS per box.
2800mg each pill.


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