Zhengongfu 3500 mg 1 pack

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Zhengongfu 3500 mg 1 pack
Zhengongfu 3500 mg is consist of 26 different kinds of nucleotide acid and ginseng and the main advantage is easy to absorb. Compared with the old formular, the new one used the advanced technology, the ingredients can work faster in the body. Developed under the instruction of male Double Drive Approach, Zhengongfu 3500 mg can work directly on the kidney function to prolong sex time and erction.

1.Through inproving the kindney function, it has a good effect on the users who has sex intercouse or early ejaculation problems.
2. Restore energy and reproduces blood, Zhengongfu 3500 mg will reduce the fatigue after sex intercourse and also last sex time for more than half an hour.
3. If the users can keep taking this product for more than 1 month, you can see the changes on the penis size both in width and length.
Ginseng, lilac glucoside, garlic, lily, Chinese angelica, fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, aweto, Epimedium Leaf, merinda officinalis etc..

Usage and Amount: Take one (1) capsule 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse.

CAUTION: Please consult a physician before using this product. Do not use more than one capsule every 48 hours
Specification: 1pk/ 2pills 3500mg ea **Effect varies with different people**

The Most Popular Men’s Health Product in China.

Advantages of Less Adverse Effects,
Quicker Effecting and Long Duration of Its Potency.
Activate the Growth Factor of Adrenal PDA Dilute and Replenish Semen
Bringing Multiple Injection Sand Multiple Climaxes
Generate and Replenish Semen Quickly After the Intercourse
Potency Lasts as Long as 72hrs.


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