Zhengongfu Sex Capsule red box 5 packs

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Zhengongfu Sex Capsule red box is an excellent product for erection problem. Thoes who can not get erection when they need it; thoes who can not get erection hard enough or those who can not stay hard till the couples get climax. Zhengongfu Sex Capsule is made of 100% natural Tibetan plants. One capsule can last long for 72 hours. No side effects. Take 1 pill 30 mins before sex intercourse and enjoy the climax of your sex life!
The main function for Zhengongfu Sex Capsule:
1. Help the users to get hard erection.
2. Sex time can be last long for more than half an hour.
3. The couples can get frequent erection.
4. Has a good effect on early ejaculation.

Item Name:ZhenGongFu
Place of Origin: shenzhen of China
Purity : 99%
Storage: Store at room temperature away from sunlight and moisture. Keep away from children.
Expiry date: 3 years


1) It can not be taken instead of the medicine.

2)It is not allowed to those who are under 18 years old

3)It can not be taken with other medicine at one time

4)If erect many times or long erection without ejaculation after taking, drink cold boiled water to dissolve it.

With this link, you can get 2 capsules per pack. 5 packs altogether, that is 10 capsules per unit.


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