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“I am happy with the product. I’ve tried a number of similar products, none of which produced any kind of noticeable reaction. These are the only ones I’ve seen that actually do anything, and the product performance is on par with prescription products. I highly recommend these, and have purchased them a number of times now.”

Aaron  Jones, Lexington, PA

“It is a great product works within hours and last as long as 5 days. No headache but slight sinus pressure flare and the first day gave me a slight sour stomach. Sophia told me that it will reduce such side effect if i take it after meal. It is really do. Thanks, sweetie.”

Gallagher Yale, Florida, US

“There are fake products all around the market and I use to buy a fake product from my nearest smoke shop. I want to share the truth is that this is the real zhengongfu product. After receiving this took one and was rock hard for 2hrs straight and stayed very horny with very little stimulation to get rock hard for 6 days.”

Major Jimmy, Minnesota,US

Zhengongfu Hongwei Sex Pill

“After many other products I would say this is one of the best works better second day in my case. Please ship fast next time since i have waited for 15 days long to get my stuff.”

Abner Fritz, Hobart, TAS AUS

“This Zhengongfu Hongwei Sex Pill is recommened by one of my friend. It Works fast and gives me that extra boost I need. What is more, I have never had any side affects. “

John Quinones, Wantagh, US

“It Works as advertised. For me anyway, at least four days. First night you can barely control your erections but is not too bad. Becomes more natural after the second day.You can feel the effect in the fourth day.”

Neely Leonard, Miami, FL

Zhengongfu Hongwei Sex Pill

“Do you have a local distributer? I want to be one if you can give me a good deal. Zhengongfu is really a great product for men. Two of my friends has tried them and they do want to get more.”

Edmond Marcus, Houma, LA

“Thanks for fast delivery. It is a nice product and my husband get rockhard erection and stay hard for a longer time than before. We will try to buy more later.”

Sarah Stover, Rockford, IL

“I toke one of these and it stay hard for 3 days. It is really strong and effective. But I do not think it is a good thing for a single man. lol. “

Ralph Lean, Manitoba, CAN

Zhengongfu Hongwei Sex Pill

“It is too strong for me. I did have some headache’s. You said to drink lot’s of water. Well that didn’t work. So I experimented. I took the capsule apart and only used what was in the small part of the capsule. Eurika it worked and no headache. So only use a small amount. “

Waldron Andrew, Chicago, IL